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Spain – Mallorca

It’s always the problem – the first post. Should it be short, should it be long? What should it contain? Should it be about what’s coming, why the blog exists, warning about how the blog is still very much under construction?

Well, this being my first blog (well fine, first one was on wordpress with two posts) I don’t have any answers to any of those questions. So let’s just get started with the photos.

These are some of the HDR photos I took on my recent trip to Alcudia in Mallorca. I went there to see my sister who was at the time working there. The weather beats London, that’s for sure :)

pool in the morning with nobody around

Where are the sunbathers?

Taken after a night out :) I suppose it went quite late with the sun being that high.

Hired a car for a day to go driving around Mallorca, which is definitely recommended, the views on the mountains are amazing. But the roads are narrow, I mean really narrow. At times I was amazed how vehicles could actually get past each other. This was especially true when one bus surprised us from behind a corner, and I was certain there was not enough sp

View to the Sea

View to the Sea

ace between the bus and the mountain.

Road to nowhere

Road to nowhere

On this road there was no traffic at all, I never saw anybody using it, but then again I don’t really no if it actually went anywhere.


  1. amazing pictures! great eye! hope to visit mallorca this year,
    best wishes

    • Thanks,

      Yeah Mallorca is great, I recommend hiring a card and driving around the mountains once you get bored of the beaches :) thou I do have to warn you that the roads are narrow, but the scenery makes it worthwhile