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Palma Cathedral

While at Mallorca one has to drop by in Palma, well especially if you’re flying you don’t really have an option of not going to Palma. But we did do a quick day trip with a car passing thru Palma, so we of course had to drop by the the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, or Palma Cathedral as most people seem to call it.

While it is very imposing from outside, it is even more so on the inside, and thankfully they are quite relax about photography inside the cathedral. You could actually set up your camera on gorillapod for those 30 second exposures.

Inside of the Palma Cathedral

Palma Cathedral I

Camera placed on gorillapod on top of a cupboard. Of course the cathedral was absolutely full, so it sets some limitations on what kind of photos you can take.  If it was empty, you could take all sorts of interesting pictures.

Inside of the Palma Cathedral

Palma Cathedral II

On this one the camera and gorillapod were on the very last pew at the back.