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Les Arcs

Now to match the title of the blog, some photos from much colder place. Taken at last years ski trip to Les Arcs in France. Now these photos have been taken using the 18-55mm kit lens that came with my camera. Reason for this, is that the kit lens is a lot lighter than the other general purpose lens that I have (sigma 18-200mm), so it fits easier under my jacket when skiing.

Now I wouldn’t recommend having a DSRL under your jacket when skiing, unless you are a great skier and confident you won’t be falling down. I’ve skied since I was a little kid, so I qualify myself to that category. You can imagine what would happen if you crashed on your chest with the camera between you and the slope. It’s not only the camera that would be taking some damage at that point. So it was a matter of easy skiing when I had the DSLR with me. No crazy off-piste :)

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Sun was starting to set, but thankfully on the alps there is quite nicely lot of light as it reflects from the snow. So still managed to shoot the three exposures without a tripod.  Was debating whether I should still catch one more lift or head back to the chalet.

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Slightly different slope, it was getting more darker. One of the last photos of the day.

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It was a crisp sunny day with hints of clouds making those curious shapes you often see at alps. Great day for skiing, dropped my camera off midday so I could do some proper skiing and go off-piste :)