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Water of Life

This summer I went on a road trip to Scotland with a friend. Scotland really has some of the most amazing driving roads, it’s no wonder Top Gear often films there. Thou the roads can be quite narrow.

We made our way to the west coast and to Kennacraig; now if you’ve never heard of Kennacraig, that’s fine, there really is only one thing in Kennacraig (I’m not kidding) and that is the port from which a ferry goes to Islay. So we left our car in Kennacraig, which really was for the best, and boarded the ferry. Few hours later we arrived, not in Port Ellen on Islay which was the original plan, but to Port Askaig. Apparently the the captain of the ferry to Port Ellen had figured he had some other places to go to.

Now, we hadn’t arrived to this island purely on a whim. We were here searching for something, something called uisge beatha or water of life.

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We stayed in Port Ellen, which turned out to be a pleasant little town with two pubs and one restaurant, and it really is a shame I don’t have a photo of the pubs. Lush green fields and trees (not to mention all the sheep) surround the idyllic town.

However it wasn’t the landscapes nor the bird life (for which Islay apparently is famous for) we were here for, but more importantly it was the location of Port Ellen. You see, Port Ellen is within walking distance from three important distilleries called Laphroaig, Lagavulin and Ardberg.

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So this is what we were here for. This is taken outside the distillery of Caol Ila. Now, I know the glass is half empty, but when you get a glass of good whiskey, photography is not something you are thinking of. So it wasn’t until I was halfway the glass until I remembered I actually owned a camera. And it was very good whiskey indeed, thou on Caol Ila, my preference still goes to the 18 year old one I had had the previous night.

As good as Caol Ila is, and it probably is my second or third favorite distillery, there is however another distillery on Islay which is even more closer to my heart…