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Winter Wonderland

It was the morning of Christmas Eve in a snowy Finnish city of Jyväskylä, the air was painfully crisp in the -27°C temperature. You could clearly see all the stars in the black open sky, as the sun was still hiding far away; the clock had just barely struck half five. Nothing was moving, it was like a ghost town, the whole city still sleeping, waiting for Christmas, waiting for Santa Claus.

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The emptiness was broken by a bus that pulled up to the side of the road. The tires creaking against the frozen snow as it came to a halt. A door opened and a single figure stepped out of the bus with his bags. He looked around, his lungs painfully aware of the frozen air, but there were no other cars in sight.

He fumbled with his mobile, his fingers barely working in the cold. He managed to call – confirming his his fears, his ride was still home, it would be half an hour. He knew he wouldn’t survive that long in the arctic conditions, he had minutes at best.

His eyes frantically scanned the empty city, he spotted a 24/7 gas station near by, it was close enough, he made a run for it.

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After that I stayed pretty much inside for the next two weeks until the temperature dropped to more reasonable levels. Sure it looks pretty like that, but there is no way I was going out taking photos when it’s that cold. I’m not used to such freezing temperatures after living in the much warmer(?) UK.

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But at least my flight to Mexico is leaving in few days, so no more snow or ice for a while after that.

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  1. Moi Jarmo!

    Olemme odottaneet kirjoituksiasi, missä päin olet? Espoossa täys talvi edelleen. Voi hyvin!

    Rutaset & Kurjet

    • Moi,

      Mexico Cityssä oli hiukka kiireistä, niin piti tulla Oxacaan, jossa on nyt vähän rauhallisempaa, ja lämmintä sellanen sopiva 28C :)