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Viva México

So I’ve finally arrived to the land of Tequila and Tacos – Mexico, and to be more precise to Mexico City.

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Here’s my Mexico City check list:

  1. See the pyramids – check
  2. Watch Lucha Libre (Mexican wresting) – check
  3. Enjoy Tequila & Cerveza & Pulque & Mezcal in a cantina – cheeeck
  4. Get Robbed – check

Now there is no drama on the robbing part. We were sitting in a restaurant eating enchiladas and enjoying mojitos. Or to be precise it was a terrace, fenced off from the street. And sudenly I realized my shoulder bag was gone. Felt too safe in the restaurant and got a bit careless, as the bag was on the back of the chair by my side. No major losses, just the bag and my fleece in the bag. But a good reminder that Mexico city isn’t maybe as safe as the thousands of police officers make it seem.

You will basically run into cops every few blocks, there are a lot of them. Some of them having quite heavy weaponry like shotguns and assault rifles, but they seem quite relaxed. Often they are just chatting with the street merchants, not harrasing them, just chatting; or eating ice cream or tacos on the corner.

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But all this can be quite deceiving, it seems that they are as much of the problem as they are the solution. Corruption is rife. Bunch of people from the hostel had been drinking one night (that’s what you do in Mexico City) and one of them had taken his drink out of the bar by accident (drinking on the street is illegal in Mexico City), the cops had basically threattened them all with a night in the local prison, but in the end, all that was sorted with a few pesos.

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They also have rollerblading cops, I mean seriously, cops on rollerblades. And not just a few as a qimmick but loads of them. Didn’t expect to run into rollerblading cops in Mexico City, California perhaps, but not in Mexico City.

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Yeah, Mexico City might not be the safest place, but with some common sense everything it’s fine. So yes, I would recommend Mexico City, weather is good, people are friendly, cerveza is cold and cheap, and the nightlife is excellent.

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Oh yeah, and they have VW beetle taxis, that’s awesome.

But I think I’m off to the coast soon to relax.


  1. Hei
    No hyvin on matkasi alkanut. Hyvä ettei mitään pahempaa sattunut. Huolellisuutta vaan kun ei olla sivistysmaissa liikkeellä ;). terveisiä talvisesta Suomesta

    • Morjens,

      Joo, aika tarkasti tulee nykyään pidettyä laukusta kiinni :) Terveisiä sinnekin täältä aurinkoiselta Meksikon rannikolta 😉

  2. Nice list. I thought the lucha libre was brilliant when I was there. Even a 5year old girl was yelling abuse at the fighters. Luckily I didnt manage the ‘getting robbed’ part though but at least you didnt lose much.
    Ross recently posted..Tomatina FestivalMy Profile