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Surfing in Puerto Escondido

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Wake up at 11am after a night out, pull yourself out of the bed and into the shower. Get your shorts on and head to the beach. Have a fruit salad and an orange juice for breakfast; and then just chill by alternating between swimming and lying in the sun. As the sun gets too low, head back to the hostel, take a shower and go to the terrace for some drinks before heading out into the night.

And Repeat, that’s Puerto Escondido in a nut shell.

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Well, to be honest, there is more to it than that, but that was pretty much my first few days there (and quite a few other days also). We had our spot on the secluded playa Carrizalillo, which, we all agreed, is the best beach in Puerto Escondido. It’s a sheltered bay, with very long stairs leading down to the beach. Our spot was right in front of one of the restaurants, which then ensured good service and cold beer or Piña colada whenever needed, which was often.  Also the pescadillas and fruit salads they had were excellent.

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The waves in playa Carrizalillo aren’t massive, but good for learning surfing, which few of the people in our group were doing, so I decided to join them, and was instantly hooked on surfing.

The next day was disappointing as there wasn’t big enough waves on our beach for surfing, so it was back to just swimming and lying in the sun. So the following day we headed over to La Punta at the other end of Puerto Escondido for some bigger waves. And they were much bigger indeed, great fun. And I can now say that surfing is my new favorite summer sport. I’ll definitely be searching for other surf spots along my route.

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All in all, Puerto Escondido is a great place to relax after the big cities of Mexico. Everybody who came there ended up staying longer than they had planned, which was also my case.

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Now, I’m just lying in a hammock in my cabaña on an even quieter beach. Listening to the sea and watching the stars. Good times.

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  1. Wow, this place is cool! Puerto Escondido would be the best place for summer outing with the family. Mexico has been a place with great food and beach resorts and I think this place is one of the best. I always want to spend summer vacation with my family especially my kids. They love swimming and surfing in the beach and this means that this would probably our next destination for summer. Thank you for sharing this, now I can’t wait for summer!


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