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On the road again

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Call me sentimental if you will, but I miss my old passport. It had shaped itself to fit my pocket perfectly and the cover was so worn you couldn’t even guess the country it came from. The pages were filled with stamps and visas, full of memories and stories.

The new passport on the other hand is clean and empty. It lacks character. The cover is in pristine condition, basically broadcasting the fact that this passport hasn’t traveled. The pages are empty and boring.

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We did start on the stamp collection thou by going to the Peruvian immigration office (called Digemin) to get some stamps. Turned out pretty well, got four stamps in one go! But it was a bit of a struggle I give you that.

The first day I went there, I got turned back, as they didn’t let new people in after half past one. So the next day I was there early, but once inside it took me almost half an hour to find the right desk. After which I filled two forms at separate desks, visited four different counters and one office, went to a copy shop for a copy of the passport, and paid the 9 Sole fee at the bank downstairs. And of course waited. Interesting experience in Peruvian bureaucracy.

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So with my passport now up to date, I’m on the road again. Only problem being my bank, which failed to deliver me a new debit card.

So being absolutely broke (Western Union being too expensive I think), a friend thankfully transferred some money over to my prepaid credit card. Hopefully enough to get me through Bolivia and on to Buenos Aires, where I hope my bank will deliver my new card to. Thou after over half a dozen phone calls with them, I am not feeling confident. Unfortunately I can’t change my bank while they hold all my money as ransom.

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But yes, onwards to Bolivia.

P.S: Sorry about the photos having nothing to do with the rest of the text, just me getting used to my good old ixus. Most of the photos are from “Magic Water Tour” (El Circuito Mágico del Agua) in Lima, Peru. Worlds largest water fountain park apparently.

P.P.S: Trying videos now also. Sorry for the bad quality, the ixus really isn’t designed for night time videos and this is my first upload to youtube


  1. Great. On the road again. Best regard here from fin. Keijo . Yes believe or not the age of 50 today:-D

    • Cheers, Hope you had a great party :)