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Learning from the wise waterfall in Sabang

It’s not the destination usually but the journey that teaches us.

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And this seemed to be the case with the waterfall I was heading to in Sabang. Armed with only vague instructions of walking along the beach for maybe 20 minutes, I set on my guest. I didn’t even quite know what to except of the waterfall. I had heard a local describing it as 100 meters high, but I was taking this with a pinch of salt, a rather large pinch.

I walked past a Chinese temple, which as Chinese temples goes, wasn’t particularly impressive. However I did afterwards come to few signs set by them.

There was also a guest book, which when I looked at, well, there wasn’t many people going this way.

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The path ran out quickly, so I was walking just on the beach, on big rocks, which wasn’t really comfortable and required all my attention if I didn’t want to slip too badly and break an ankle. I hadn’t however seen any paths leading inland, so I figured I must still be on the right track.

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After a while I did however come across a group of Slovenians coming towards me. I had met them earlier, and now they told me there had been an engagement in their group at the waterfall.

Congratulations guys!

Looks like things were going down at this waterfall.

I don’t think I quite understood how literally things were going down however. As I finally reached the waterfall, I heard a guy shout “quick”. I didn’t quite understand what he meant, but as we was very keenly looking in my direction, I decided to pick up my pace.

Turns out however that he wasn’t shouting at me, but because of me!

As I corned around a stone, I saw a woman very hastily pulling up a dress.

Ah, terribly sorry.

I was obviously interrupting something, but this was on the only thing on the beach and my path was blocked by a huge stone formation anyway. So it wasn’t as if I could just keep going pretending that I wasn’t actually coming to the waterfall.

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So I decided to just play it cool, greeted the couple with an appropriate nod and continued on to the waterfall pool. What are you supposed to say to a couple you’ve just interrupted. I sat down a bit further away and pulled out a can of coke I had been saving.

The couple was trying to ignore me and headed off. So I decided to pull off my shirt and dive into the waterfall. Well, maybe that’s a bit wrong. It wasn’t quite deep enough to dive in, but I did climb up to it, to a pool where water was falling down several meters, offering a great place for natural massage for my shoulders and back. The water was cold and refreshing.

There I soaked for a quite a while. However, I was acutely aware that it was going to get dark soon, and the only light I had was my iPhone. And I wasn’t too keen on trusting that with walking on the rocks, so I decided to head back before the sunset.

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This is where I had yet one more experience I wasn’t counting on. As I walked over the rocks just on the edge of the water, I kept hearing what sounded like small rocks being poured over bigger rocks. I looked at my sandals, but no it wasn’t from them. The sound usually occurred as my feet were closing down on a rock or moving over a rock.

It took me a while to figure out, but it was the small sea snails on the rocks who were letting go as my foot got closer. They were making a run for it, so to speak, as if I was some kind of predator.

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So what did I learn from this wise waterfall?

  • Always have a flashlight with you
  • You never know what goes down at a waterfall
  • Fleeing sea snails make a sound like dropping stones!

As life lessons go, I suppose these aren’t really the big ones, but not everything you learn can be life changing.

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Have you learned something from a waterfall?


  1. Waterfalls have taught me the beauty and the power of water. Good to know about the snails.
    Matt recently posted..N-Z of TravelMy Profile

    • Yes, they are powerful indeed and so beautiful!

  2. Love this post! One thing I learned at a waterfall in India is that if you go and visit a waterfall in Coorg just after the monsoon, there are loads of leeches and they’ll suck the blood out of your feet really fast.
    Satu recently posted..Yoga is Not “Gentle Exercise”!My Profile

    • Like I said, all learning is worth it, but thankfully I haven’t come across leeches yet at a waterfall, but I suppose it’s only a matter of time :)

  3. How warm was the water? Looks like a great spot for swimming even if it wasn’t that deep!
    Cole @ Four Jandals recently posted..Linlithgow Palace – Weekly Hump Day PhotoMy Profile

    • It was quite chilly to be honest, but in that heat it was very refreshing!

  4. That must be such a beautiful place! I wish I ever had the chance to get there. It seems to be a paradise land.

    • It was beautiful, well worth the trouble of getting there!

  5. Beautiful shots of the waterfall, it looks so enticing (just want to jump in!).

    Philipines is still a place I need to visit, and whenever I read post like this I think, “Oh I really have to get there soon!”.
    Tom recently posted..Mongol Rally Advice: A Complete Guide To Preparing For The RallyMy Profile

    • You really should go there, plenty of gorgeous waterfalls and views around.

  6. The waterfall iteself looked quite refreshing. Although I think the walk on the beach and finding different proverbs along the way would probably be the most fun for me. So surprising that there were “other” things going on in such a public spot.

    • It was quite fun to find all those proverbs scattered around the path. It really wasn’t that public, I suppose there had been a total of ten people at the waterfall that day, but you are right…

  7. Oh that was funny! No doubt you also learnt that when someone shouts “quick” it may not always mean what you first thought…

    • Yep, it really was an interesting walk :)

  8. That is such a crazy story!
    Mica recently posted..Random Photo: Butterfly in Malaysia’s Cameron HighlandsMy Profile

    • It was a weird day and waterfall indeed!

  9. Ha ha ha! I love that you interrupted a couple “getting it on” and still went swimming. :)

    Sounds like a pretty fun time … I love waterfalls too. Swam near one in Kauai once and went under one at Iguassu Falls.
    cheryl recently posted..Street Art and Graffiti in Gdansk, Poland.My Profile

    • Well, I couldn’t really pretend that I wasn’t coming there. And besides, the water looked really nice and refreshing!