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Top 10 Reasons Why Ski Trips to the Alps are Awesome

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I missed skiing last year, so I was very excited to head to the Alps this year. We have quite a big group with which we go skiing every year. Last year however around ski season I was busy enjoying coronas and tacos in Mexico and learning to surf; so no skiing for me.

Being from Finland, I suppose I learned to ski about the time I learned to walk, and I do love it. In the recent years I have also developed a love/hate relationship with snowboarding, but I suppose that was just because we had a bumpy start with lots of bruises. But things are better these days with snowboarding and me, thou I think she’s not too happy that I gave her a miss on this year’s ski trip. I think getting back together next year might be a little painful.

Skiing however isn’t the only good thing about ski trips, I realized this more than ever on this last ski trip. It was more about the trip itself.

1. Friends

We have a good group of people, which always varies a little every year. It’s a great time to catch up with everybody and spend time together; whether that is on the slopes, in the pub afterwards or just chilling in the chalet with a good board game.

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2. Cheese

No ski trip to the Alps is complete without eating enough cheese to make your local pizzeria blush. This is especially easy on the French Alps, where cheese is the main ingredient to many of the foods they serve, like raclette, fondue, tartiflet and so on. Each of which I of course had to try again.

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3. Food

As mentioned above, eating is always an important part of a ski trips, whether it means eating out or cooking by ourselves. We have a steak night and a cheese night separately. Cheese night is usually at the end of the trip, as I never want to see cheese after that. And quite a few of my friends are actually very good cooks.

4. The Views

The views on the Alps are just stunning. Especially if you are standing at the top of a mountain, seeing snowy mountains peak stretching until the horizon. And also when you are sitting on a lift, you’ll have plenty of time to admire the snowy views.

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5. Coffee breaks (or vin Chaud)

Skiing is hard work, and after a few hours of heavy skiing, there is nothing better than stopping for a quick break with café ole (coffee with milk); or getting a Vin Chaud (mulled wine) which warms you up nicely.

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6. The beer after a day of skiing

While there is nothing preventing you having a beer mid-day, which I often do, there is still something special about that first beer after a day of skiing. After a day of hard skiing, you finally sit down, get rid of your jacket and gloves, open your boots fully, and then take that sip of cold tasty beer. And it’s so good.

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7. Wines

France and wines, do I need to say more, except that good French wines in France are a lot cheaper than anywhere else.

8. Desserts

With all the sport activity during the day it is easy to justify a bit of extra calorie in-take, whether that be a tiramisu or crème brûlée (or three, as I did this year).

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9. The adrenalin rush

Not saying that all skiers are adrenalin junkies, far from it. Thou it has to be said that there is reasonable amount of evidence that I might be one. There are a lot of situations in skiing that might give you a good adrenalin rush, whether that is speeding down a difficult black run, making a mistake at high speed, going off-piste and facing the unknown or doing tricks in the park and playing with the kickers.

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10. Skiing & Snowboarding

Oh, and there is of course the skiing itself, which is pretty nice.

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Have I missed something? What do you think is best about ski trips?


  1. Love the food shots. We enjoy the hot chocolate breaks and food nearly as much as the skiing too!
    Cole @ Four Jandals recently posted..Paris City Sights – Photo EssayMy Profile

    • Yeah, having a break in the middle of skiing does feel nice, especially with chocolate or vin chaud to warm you up!

  2. You just listed 90% of things that I can’t get in China. And I’m so hungry. Aghh!!! Looks amazing.
    Juno recently posted..Why We All Should TravelMy Profile

    • Awww :) You’re in China, I am pretty sure you can get some decent food over there 😉 thou, I admit, western food, not so much, especially cheese.

  3. Pretty sure I’d love skiing just for the food (cheese!) and drinks. You’ve convinced me!
    Adam recently posted..How to use @GetAmen as a travel guideMy Profile

    • Yeah, food and cheese is an important part of skiing in my opinion!

  4. Wow! Skiing in the Alps is such a great experience! I really like the hot drinks in the “Hütte” while my husband is skiing with the kids.

    • Hot drinks are so nice always between skiing :)

  5. I really wish I could ski. It looks like a lot of fun. Your experience is enviable especially the hot chocolate breaks – is that between slopes? Well, at least there’s the food. I can always just eat.
    Sherry recently posted..“Colorful Life at Cannon Beach”My Profile

    • It is fun, you should definitely learn 😉 yeah, we usually have hot chocolate / coffee / vin chaud breaks between slopes, just to have a nice break and regain some energy. Yep, there is a lot of food at the alps 😉

  6. That must be such a great pleasure! I’ve never been in the Alps, but my parents have been in Switzerland on a skiing vacation, and I was totally amazed by their photos. I really would like to have the chance to get there once… Unfortunately, it is a very expensive hobby.

    • It is really beautiful there. And while it is not the cheapest hobby, you can do it a little cheaper if you are careful about your budget, but then you’ll have to skip eating out.

  7. Ha ha! I think you have to keep skiing to shed off all the calories from the food/drink. :)

    The Alps look stunning. Can’t wait to visit myself!
    cheryl recently posted..Win A Cool Berlin City Guide.My Profile

    • For sure! Thankfully it is quite a workout so I can justify the extra calories :)