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Top 5 Things to do in Rainy London

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London does have a lot to see and do, but it does also rain quite a lot around here. Rain of course is part of the “London experience”; well that’s what we keep telling anybody who comes here, so that they don’t get too depressed when that mist really turns into rain.

And as much as it is part of the experience, it also is a pain when it comes to sightseeing.

However, there is no need to despair and jump off from the Tower Bridge; London does offer plenty to see and do even when it does rain.

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Here are my top suggestions

1. Museums and art galleries

Two of my favourite art galleries in London are the Tate Modern and the Saatchi gallery. But if modern art isn’t your cup of tea, there are other options. British Museum is a must-go for anybody interested in History; Natural History Museum is great if biology and such is more your thing, and V&A Art and Design museum should be your choice if you like pretty things.

And the great thing is, all of them are free!

2. Comedy clubs

Maybe you’ve just been to a museum or an art gallery, and what you need some lighter entertainment. For that, there are plenty of comedy clubs in London. If you happen to be in central London, you have The 99 Comedy Club and Soho Comedy Club, both in Soho.

3. Musicals

London and New York probably are the two best cities in the world for Musicals. There is no shortage of Musicals in London and you can usually get pretty good offers on last minute deals for them. There are plenty of places selling discount tickets around Leicester square, so if it is raining cats and dogs, head over there, or just do it online (which actually is probably even better choice if the weather is not being your friend).

My favourite ones are definitely Les Miserables and Blood Brothers, both of which besides music also have great plots. But of course there are much lighter options available. The Lion King is impressive even if the plot isn’t earth shattering.

And unless you’ve been to a musical in London, you really haven’t been to London yet.

4. London Borough market

While markets are usually problematic in the rain, the London Borough Market is covered so you can stay dry while shopping. The London Borough Market is located next to the London Bridge tube station, so head there for some street food and shop for some cheese maybe.

They do have plenty of tastings available. And if you can’t find something you’d want to eat, well, I don’t honestly know what to recommend to you.

Just keep in mind that the London Borough Market is open only on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

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5. Go for a pint in a pub

I know it is a bit obvious, but come on, it has to be on any list that gives you things you can do in London. Pub culture is one of the great things about UK, and London especially. And where-ever you are, there will be plenty of pubs to choose from. Of course some of the are better than others, so hold that thought, as I am writing about my favourite pubs soon!

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In conclusion

So if you have a rainy day, maybe start with Tate Modern and then head to the nearby London Borough Market for some late lunch. This will still give you time for a few pints before going for a musical to finish the day.


What are your favourite things to do in rainy London?


  1. Great ideas, I would also add a book store to the list. Nothing like getting lost in a good yarn on a rainy day!
    Ryan at Travel and Graphs recently posted..Illustrated Travels – Freya StarkMy Profile

    • True, bookstores are great for browsing on a rainy day, you’ll always find something interesting

  2. You need to come to Cambridge to find out about the best pubs though! :)

    • You’re right Alan, I definitely need to get more familiar with the pubs of Cambridge 😉

  3. Great tips, when I was a student in London I used to hang out in the Soho on rainy days, but there are a lot of great clubs just like The End and the Fabric.
    Laura recently posted..Ein sonniger Nachmittag in EisenstadtMy Profile

    • Ah yes, there is of course clubbing. Always a good option when it rains! Soho definitely has a lot of good clubs or you can head to east London.

  4. Camden Town is also a great place to go when it’s raining (which is something quite usual in London). It’s an alternative market and I really love going there to see unusual shops and people. Covent Garden is also nice, and they’re often concerts in there. And don’t forget about theatre!
    soizpic recently posted..Stockholm explained by photosMy Profile

    • Camden Town is great, and while it’s not fully covered, there is plenty of places there where you can stay out of the rain. Definitely my favorite place to go shopping for handicrafts and such.

  5. Planning a trip to London can be extremely pricey, but there’s definitely some things visitors can do to make the trip a little easier on the wallet. We’re going to look at some ways you can avoid paying an arm and a leg on a trip through London..

    • London can be a bit expensive for the traveler, but a little planning helps a lot.

  6. Definitely the pub on a rainy day!

    • Yeah, pub is a must on a rainy day…. and on a sunny day 😉

  7. Love London – rain or shine :)
    Sophie recently posted..Burano – a photo storyMy Profile

    • You have to love London 😉

  8. Pub it is! Haha I encountered the rain twice in London and going to the pub is the best solution which made my uncle happy. It is a perfect excuse for me to rest and drink coffee while he’s busy drinking beer. =))
    Micamyx|Senyorita recently posted..Memories of BirminghamMy Profile

    • Yeah, you do usually encounter rain in London, and pub is always a solution for it :)

  9. I was in London last year and did spend almost every evening hanging out in comedy clubs, it was like a little community of people who we got involved with. It was great fun.

    • The comedy clubs in London are great fun, I’ll definitely be visiting more of those!

  10. How about watching a trial at the Old Bailey? Take your seat in the public gallery any weekday from 10am
    Katie Shaw recently posted..BBC Planet Earth Live: Now Book the Holiday!My Profile

    • I never thought of doing that, now it could be interesting, I might have go try it out 😉

  11. Pubs are the greatest choices for all the day! If you’re sitting in the front of your pint, it does’t matter what kind of weather it is outside:)

  12. I vote for pub!
    Nomadic Chick recently posted..The Day I Invaded House Hunters InternationalMy Profile

    • It’s a pretty popular choice! and for a good reason :)

  13. a very relevant article! Apart from the comedy clubs and the musicals, precisely the stuff I do on a regular basis for the past 5 years 😉
    Amer recently posted..The experiences you keep to yourself – fishing on a raft houseMy Profile

    • Well, there are only so many things you can do when it rains in London 😉 But yeah, I do also recommend the comedy clubs and musicals, but maybe not on a regular basis 😉

  14. Great post, have to disagree with this though:

    “Pub culture is one of the great things about UK, and London especially.”

    The inference is that pub culture is better in London than elsewhere. Though there are great London pubs, they are harder to find in London than most other UK cities. In London, pub culture is diluted and more pretentious than elswhere.

    • You are right. There are really great pubs in London, but there are a lot of rubbish ones also, so actually finding the good ones can be a little tricky. In the country side especially good pubs are easier to find, and they are a bit different.

  15. London’s comedy clubs are great! I’d often go to the ones near Covent Garden for, like, 5 pounds entry. What a deal!
    Simon recently posted..Chiang Rai has a beach?! (And wild weather)My Profile

    • That’s a great deal! But yeah, London is great for comedy clubs :)