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The Hanoi Bia Hoi Corner

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Everybody who has been to Hanoi seems to know the Bia Hoi corner in the old quarters, Bia Hoi being the local beer. It is surprisingly low key considering how famous it is. Talk to any backpacker who has recently been in Hanoi and they know of it.

It is just a corner in the old quarters, which has fairly popular Bia Hoi place on it.

For those of you who don’t know, a Bia Hoi place is a corner pub in Vietnam that sells mostly fresh beer, beer that is brewed daily. It’s really cheap, usually around 5.000dong, which is about a quarter of a dollar. You can’t get cheaper than that.

With a big group you can easily collect tap of over thirty pints in an evening…

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It seems that this game is played, because officially the chairs aren’t allowed to be on the street. Although I’m pretty sure the police know what’s going on, but as long as they make the effort to get the chairs off from street when they  pass, they seem happy.

The beer corner is a place where you will often run into people you know. It’s a social place, it’s in the middle of everything, and it’s a great place to start the evening. Mind you they always for some reason seem to run out of Bia Hoi around 10 o’clock, after which you can still buy Hanoi beer and a few others, and it is still cheaper than going to an actual bar or a pub.

You can of course then just move twenty meters to the next place, like this alley that is just next to the beer corner. There you have a few tables in an alley, a keg of Bia Hoi and a grandmother who runs the place. This is where we often ended up.

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Have you been at the Hanoi beer corner? Have you heard of it?


  1. I haven’t been to Vietnam yet…but will surely enjoy some of these cheap, fresh beers when I visit. I’m curious to know just how good…or how bad…they are 😉
    Red Hunt recently posted..Genuinely Fake – The Markets of Sirince, TurkeyMy Profile

    • It’s not the worlds greatest beer, it’s bit too sweet, but it is cheap, and great value for money! 😉

  2. I know the Bia Hoi corner well and I love it. But I must say I enjoyed drinking (cheap) beer on the streets in Ho Chi Minh City as much or even more. And yet it doesn’t seem to be as infamous for some reason.
    Simon P recently posted..London’s best riverside pubsMy Profile

    • I did also like it there. We had our local bia hoi place in Ho Chi Minh City, close to our guesthouse, you would always meet friends there :)

  3. Bia Hoi is one of the best parts about traveling in Vietnam. And I’ve seen it as low at 3,000 dong!
    Stephen recently posted..Photo of the Week: Center SaigonMy Profile

    • Bia Hoi is definitely one of the benefits of traveling in Vietnam. 3,000dong? that’s cheap!

  4. I had 3 nights in Hanoi this June, the bia hoi corner was favourite place to go, great atmosphere and cheap beer, a perfect combination. 5000 vnd for 250ml plastic glass, that’s 15p in UK money…
    Graham Franklin recently posted..An evening at the Bia Hoi corner Hanoi, Vietnam.My Profile