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Top 5 Fun Things to Do with a Board

Kite Surfing - How awesome is that?

Kite Surfing – How awesome is that?

There just seems to be an abundance of fun things to do with a board. Sure I started with snowboarding, but since then I’ve realized there is a whole world of board related activities that I need to try out and possibly injure myself with.

I don’t know what it is about boards and high speeds. It just seems like it is human nature to try to board any slope, material or place we can find. Probably not all experiments have worked out brilliantly, but hey at least we now know what works!

So here goes, my top 5 fun things to do with a board:

1. Snowboarding

Alright, so this is obvious I would imagine, but if you haven’t tried it yet, you totally should. While I am a skier at heart, there are certain moments when a snowboard is just better. Carving effortlessly down on some fresh untouched powder in the morning sun just makes me happy, simple as that.

Mind you, starting snowboarding can be a bit painful and will most likely include a bruised bum, but it’s still worth it. And the great thing about snowboarding is that once you’ve got the basics right and you can carve down the slopes effortlessly, you can move on to do tricks in snow parks! So you cannot get bored with snowboarding!

Snowboards are so much fun

Snowboards are so much fun

2. Surfing

I tried surfing the first time in Puerto Escondido last year, and I was hooked from the first wave I managed to catch. It’s like snowboarding, but the weather is better and all the girls are wearing bikinis!

Sure it takes a bit of effort to get it right, but once you actually manage to catch a proper wave and you are suddenly standing there riding it, you will feel very very cool!

And afterwards you can just get back to the beach to enjoy a corona and some tacos for lunch.

Playa Carrizalillo where I first tried surfing

Playa Carrizalillo where I first tried surfing

3. Body Boarding

While this may seem like the poor cousin of surfing, it actually looks like quite good fun, and I’m definitely keen on giving it a go next time I’m in a place where you can do it.

And I suppose it’s a bit easier since you don’t actually have to stand up like in surfing.

4. Sand Boarding

Alright, so sand boarding maybe isn’t a hobby you start doing often. You have a lot less control than on a snowboard and there really aren’t any good sand boarding centres around that I’ve heard off. There are however plenty of deserts where you can give this a go and it usually involves a dune buggy ride to get to the top of the dune, so that’s definitely a plus.

It’s more of a one-time thing, and definitely worth trying. Mind, you, if you do fall when coming down a dune, it’s going to take you hours to get all that sand out from your ears, trust me, I know!

Yours truly sand boarding in Huacachina

Yours truly sand boarding in Huacachina

By this time, I was carrying about five kilos of sand with me

By this time, I was carrying about five kilos of sand with me

5. Kite Surfing

Have you seen people kite surfing?

I mean seriously, if that sh*t doesn’t looks awesome I don’t know what does!

This is currently on the top of my list of things to do for next summer. Few months ago we went to a kite surfing beach and we tried out a power kite that is basically a small version of the one they use for kite surfing. And even that was great fun! It just gives you so much power to play with.

This is one of those sports where you probably want to take lessons to get started, instead of getting yourself killed. Youtube is full of videos of kite surfing gone horribly wrong! I managed to get myself an absolutely massive bruise on my knee with the kite we had just because I was a bit careless for just a few seconds.

Kite Surfers at Camber Sands

Kite Surfers at Camber Sands

It just looks so much fun

It just looks so much fun

So there you go, five things I think are most fun to do with a board, and if you haven’t tried them yet, maybe you should!

Kite surfers - fun with a board and a kite

Kite surfers – fun with a board and a kite

Have you tried any of these? Any other fun board related activities I have missed?


  1. VERY cool! Sand boarding looks pretty amazing, but I guess the hard part is that each time you do it, you have to hike yourself back up to the top… besides the sand packed up your face when you fall. Snowboarding is my new love, although I’m by no means the fastest on the mountain, at all! There’s nothing like it.
    Tiana Kai recently posted..Skiing & boarding the Italian AlpsMy Profile

    • Thankfully we had a buggy that drove us around on the dunes, so we didn’t have to hike back up. That would be a lot of effort! Snowboarding is great fun, I’m better with skis for sure, but I do also enjoy snowboarding, especially if we can find some fresh powder.