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Postcard – Temples of Tikal

Temples of Tikal

Temples of Tikal

It did require catching a bus at 4am, but getting to Tikal before the sunset and, more importantly, before the crowds was worth it. Watching a sun rise from an ancient temple almost all by yourself is an experience worth waking up at 4m. Some of the temples here go back over 2000 years, that is old by any standards.

In my opinion, Tikal is the best temple to visit in Central America, way better than Chichen Itza, which I found a bit disappointing, despite it being the famous one.

What’s your favorite temple?

One Comment

  1. You are right! Tikal is great. And I’m just waiting for El Mirador Mayan Ruins (also in Guatemala) to be more accessible for travelers. There are rumors that it has the largest Mayan Temples.