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Spring Time in Finland – as Told by Photos

It's spring time in Finland

It’s spring time in Finland

You can hear water everywhere in Finland right now, as it drops from roofs and hurries down little streams. The sun is finally starting to melt the snow, revealing things that had been long hidden under the white blanket; things that we thought were lost, things that we hoped were lost and things that we had already forgotten.

Life appearing through the snow that still covers the ground; when you already thought it couldn’t had survived the harsh cold winter; plants and trees appearing from their hiding places, ready for the summer.

It creates a pretty picture, but it’s more than that, people have to change with the season too. No more heavy winter clothes, no more ice-hockey or walks on the frozen lakes. No more snow ball fights and ice fortress. No more long ski trips, with a warm cup of hot chocolate waiting at the end. All that taken away by mother nature, and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it.

Even if you wanted to stop this, you couldn’t.

And it’s about time!

After the cold winter days that chilled your bones and made you suspect that the sun wouldn’t ever rise again, you need that warmth, you need the hope it brings; the end to the depressing tyranny of the winter you thought would last forever.

Alright, so I might have been traumatized by the winters of Finland, so how about I’ll let photos tell rest of the story.

The snow is starting to melt

The snow is starting to melt

Revealing rowing boats hiden under the snow

Revealing rowing boats hidden under the snow

The boats just waiting for the summer

Just waiting for the summer

Although it will be a while still until these boats will get to sail again

Although it will still be a while until these boats get to sail again

The lakes are still frozen, and are better to walk on

The lakes are still frozen, you’re better of walking on them

There is no snow any more on the ice hockey ring thou

There is no more ice on the ice hockey rings thou

But there is too much of it still on the beach volley ball courts

But there is still too much snow on the beach volley ball courts

But it's melting, you can almost use the park benches

But it’s melting, you can almost use the park benches

And the picnic tables

And the picnic tables

The cities are clearing up

The cities are clearing up

As the water melts on the roofs

As the water melts from the roofs

And the plants get ready for the summer

And the plants get ready for the summer

But for now, it's best just to enjoy the sunny spring days, and the snow while it's still there

But for now, it’s best just to enjoy the sunny spring days, and the snow while it’s still there

Which place do you think has the prettiest spring?


  1. Photos are SO beautiful! x
    Scarlett recently posted..Twenty-Five.My Profile

  2. Great images! I like the image of how humans shed winter, too.

    • Thanks :) The spring in Finland really is time for shedding the winter, both metaphorically and actually!

  3. I just love Finland…we were there last autumn before the snow came…cold but lovely
    Andrea recently posted..Your Own Space: Warwick Reine Astrid, LyonMy Profile

    • That’s what is most of the time. Try summer thou, then it’s lovely and warm! Otherwise it’ll always be cold!

  4. Oh, this makes me really miss spring in Finland.
    Satu recently posted..Let’s Talk About Modern Day Slavery: A Few Facts about Human TraffickingMy Profile

    • Yeah, I do like the Finnish spring (the winter not so much), and the weather was gorgeous!