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Brighton Explained in 10 Photos

Three delicious cupcakes

Cupcakes! Cupcakes explain Brighton! err, well, no, they don’t, but they are delicious!

Brighton, or London-by-the-sea as they sometimes call it, is a sea-side town popular among Londoners on sunny weekends, and… Wait, what!

What do you mean London-by-the-sea?

Just because it’s a town on the coast, few hours from London, you call it London-by-the-sea? You don’t call Cambridge London-by-the-river, do you? So why Brighton? Why not any of the other dozen cities on coast?

It doesn’t even look like London, there is a no banking central and tall buildings, there is no Oxford Street or park the size of a big airport. All you have is old buildings, funky little cup cake shops, lots of graffitis, quirky little cafes, trendy people and…Oh

Ohh, I get it.

It’s totally reminds me of London, just not how I thought first. It’s not the obvious touristy things about London, it’s Soho and the trendy East London by the sea. No wonder people want to live in Brighton; and I totally get why they flog to Brighton for the weekend from London.

So, as promised, Brighton explained in 10 photos:


1. Puppies

Puppy sleeping

Everybody in Brighton has a puppy

Seriously, is there a law saying every Brightonian (?) has to have a puppy?

Everybody in Brighton has one, and they are cute. I’m not a dog person, and even I think Brighton has cute puppies. We even saw one person with a crow, and another with rat, so if puppies are not your thing, you know there are other options too.


2. Pubs

Pub sign in Brighton

Brighton is a great city for walking, and thankfully there are plenty of pubs too

It’s an old English town, so yes, there are pubs. And yes, they serve beer. And yes, they are good.

So, go on, have a pint!


3. Flowers

Flowers, so many flowers

Flowers, so many flowers

Summer time and flowers, they just go well together; and that’s what you get in Brighton.


4. Old & New

Brighton Town House in the background

Brighton, it’s a mix of old and new

Brighton goes back a long way, it’s first mentioned over 900 years ago when it was still called Bristelmestune; and while Brighton is proud of its history, it hasn’t gotten stuck in the past.


5 & 6 Music and Dance

Band jamming out on the street

Band jamming out

Two people dancing on the street in Brighton

There is dancing on the streets in Brighton

There seems to be bands and musicians everywhere in Brighton. Whether you’re into Sinatra or violins, you can find it on the streets of Brighton. And where  there is music, there is dance, as Julie and Dylan were quick to demonstrate.


7. The Royal Pavilion

Park with The Royal Pavilion in the background

The Royal Pavilion

It looks a bit out of place, doesn’t it?

It was originally build as a summer house for George, Prince of Wales. The building work started in 1787, but it took almost 40 years to finish. Some people’s definition of a summer house apparently differ from mine. When someone says summer house, I think of a one room cottage by the lake – cultural differences I suppose.

There is a park in front of the Royal Pavilion, which gets full on a sunny day. So go on, get some strawberries, a bottle of sparkling and settle down.


8. Graffiti

crocodile head graffiti on an electric box

Graffiti is everywhere in Brighton, but it’s definitely more art than vandalism

There are a lot of graffitis in Brighton, but it’s art, not just vandalism. You have whole walls sprayed with complicated patterns, shop blinds with pictures of elfs and even electric boxes painted with quirky little details, like talking crocodiles.


9. Lanes

Shop signs on a narrow street

The Lanes, small narrow streets housing various quirky shops

The Lanes are a maze of narrow streets, full of little shops for antiques, books, cup cakes and tea. When you go in, you’re never quite sure where you’ll pop out later, and that’s part of the fun.


10. The Pier

picture of a seagull, with the pier out of focus in the background

And finally the pier, see, it’s there in the corner

You can’t really talk about Brighton without mentioning the pier, whether that is the new one or the old one. If you go to Brighton, you will visit the Pier. Unless you happen to be there during a demonstration and the access to the pier is blocked by about a thousand police, but generally speaking, you should visit it.


P.S: I’d like to thank Holiday Lettings and Vine Street Studios for providing us a huge mansion (well, it felt like a mansion) right downtown Brighton, big enough for a huge house party! Seriously, if you’re coming to Brighton with a dozen people, you might want to check it out. I don’t have any photos, but my housemate Jaillan has some.


Which photo do you think explains Brighton best?


  1. Great post and I love your photos of Brighton, nice! :-)
    Jaillan Yehia (@SavoirThere) recently posted..In Photos – A Portrait of The GambiaMy Profile

    • Thanks Jaillan :) Really happy with the photos, thankfully the weather was so good!

  2. Those cupcakes made me hungry while I was browsing through this posts. Now I have to go out and find some food for me to eat. Thanks for sharing those lovely cupcakes.

  3. Puppies! Babies dancing! Flowers! Fun shops. :) It’s like I should go to Brighton or something. And I really enjoyed the photography and the writing. It was casual and entertaining, yet opinionated, written by an adventurous but nomadic writer. :)
    Alex recently posted..Writer’s Exercise: Finding Your VoiceMy Profile

    • I think you totally need to go to Brighton! It has all the things you like! :) And I’m glad you liked the photos and writing :)

  4. Love Brighton! Luckily it is only an hour from my base on the train so I pop over there every now and again. Great shops and restaurants and lovely atmosphere especially on a sunny day. Love your photos especially of the pier!
    Kathryn recently posted..The Sheraton’s signature massage at the Naatange Spa, The GambiaMy Profile

    • It is a great little city, I’ll def have to go back at some point; I still need to go actually check out the pier!

  5. Love your photos! I will visit Brighton next month. I must visit! 😀

    See you in London? :)
    Micamyx|Senyorita recently posted..Five of the world’s most awesome waterparksMy Profile

    • Thanks :) And yes, you must visit Brighton; and I’ll definitely see you in London, let me know when you get here!

  6. Nice pictures, but I’m not sure you’ve *totally* explained Brighton. I would also like to see:

    11) An overweight and aggressive seagull eating a chip while a child sobs noisily
    12) A heavily pregnant teenage girl playing the 2p games on the pier
    13) A small group of nose-breathing tattooed racists demonstrating on the seafront, surrounding by police and jeering locals
    14) A “straight” man takes a sneaky sideways glance at a gay bar where everyone is clearly having lots of fun
    15) A lavish interior shot of the Pavilion. This is far more “Brighton” than the misleading Mughal-style exterior

    You get the idea!
    Mark Hodson recently posted..Trouble in Turkey? Nah, it’s plain sailingMy Profile

    • Alright, you might have a point, I might have skipped a a few things. There were definitely plenty of aggressive seagulls, but I couldn’t get a close enough look at the demonstrating racists as they were completely blocked of by the million police officers. Good point about the pavilion thou, I’ll have to actually go inside next time!

  7. I love the live music shots! I wish I weren’t so shy about taking pictures of people dancing and playing music :) Brighton looks super nice!!!
    Beth recently posted..why i travelMy Profile

    • Thanks Beth, yeah, it’s not always easy to take pictures of people, but if you take a picture of someone playing, you have to remember to tip :) then it’s okay

  8. Great photos! I love the diversity in your photo essay – especially the shot of the puppy.
    Samuel Jeffery recently posted..Cambodia Slideshow Travel Video Series Part 14My Profile

    • Thanks Samuel, I really liked Brighton as it was very diverse, you could get very different kinds of shots just changing the angle almost.

  9. Can´t be som many puppies there! The Beer, The park, The Old and New, I like it all. Great way to catch the future visitors interst.