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Year In Review – My Top 10 Instagram Photos of 2014

Looking through your old Instagram photos always brings back memories, such as why did I post that picture of a German folk legend pooping gold coins?

And as some of you might have noticed, best way to keep track of my travels is on Instagram, which I tend to update almost daily if I have seen something worth a picture, or if we’ve just built a sick gingerbread house.

So here are my favorite Instagram pictures from 2014 in no particular order; the selection process has been very scientific based on number of likes, artistic merit and awesomeness.


#1  Castle Combe

Castlecombe, the 2nd best village in England, at least according to The Times.

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We started the year by living a few months in a cottage in Malmesbury, a small village in the Cotswolds. English country side just doesn’t get any more idyllic than that.


#2 ‘Twas a Dark and Stormy Night

'Twas a dark and stormy night in Cotswolds

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Because the stormy English country side just looks better in Black and white.


#3 Break Dancing in Rosario, Argentina

Breakdancing, Rosario style. There was also tango going on, on the other end of the boulevard.

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Early 2014 also saw us travel for work to Argentina, to Buenos Aires and to Rosairo, where we found some local break dancing. This photo also won a competition that scored us two tickets to go see Vintage Trouble play at the Islington Assembly Hall.


#4 The London Bus

2014 was also the year I left London behind, so here’s to London and the colour red (and yes, I still spell it with a ‘u’).


#5 National Trust

Probably one of the best ideas of 2014 for us, was getting membership for National Trust. We saw probably closer to 20 properties, which doesn’t even scratch the surface of what they have to offer. And this may sound nerdy, but historic mansion houses really are fascinating.


#6 The Finnish Country Side

Red cottage and a potato field, the Finnish dream. Alright, there is no potato field here, but it's a red cottage!

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For a long time I had been promising to take the American Girl (Approval for name pending, in her blog I am called the Finn, my petition to be called James Bond was denied), to Finland, so she could finally say, with authority, how things are in Finland. And in June that finally happened.


#7 Berlin

Naked statues chilling out on the river front in Berlin

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2014 also saw me finally return to Germany, where we took a train across the country to Berlin, which actually would be one of my top recommendations for a European travel destination.


#8 The American Road Trip

And this is what a buffalo missing your car by just few meters, looks like. In Yellowstone

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Which saw us nearly hit a bison – twice! This was from the second incident, where the bison was running towards us!


#9 The Amish Country

Since we now live only a few hours away from Amish country, that is where we headed over the holidays. And I’ll be honest here, the horse and buggy is not a touristy gimmick, after only a few hours, you actually stop caring about seeing them, and consider it completely normal to be stuck in a horse and buggy traffic jam.


#10 Chicago

Chicago #sunset

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And as you know, 2014 for us ended in Chicago, which we are still very excited about, even if the winter has been cold, like Finland cold!

All in all, it’s been a very exciting year once more, we’ll see how 2015 turns out.


What’s your favorite photo that you posted on Instagram in 2014?