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Portraits at the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo

We finally made it to the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo, mainly to see the new gorilla baby Yola, and we are glad to report, she did not disappoint. We were also really excited about some of the birds of prey they had and the otters. My focus was on animal portraits this time, so here are some of my favorites.

Asian small-clawed otter

Asian small-clawed otter

Gorilla, thinking deep thoughts

Gorilla, thinking deep thoughts


Mountain Goat chilling

Mountain Goat chilling



Bird of prey... Looking for prey

Bird of prey… Looking for prey

Bird... From Australia

Bird… From Australia

Head of a Dwarf Crocodile

Dwarf Crocodile

wolf looking forward in a forrest

Gray Wolf surveys his territory

Orangutan grooming another orangutan

Orangutan – Family time

Eagle sitting at a branch

Steller’s Sea Eagle

And finally … Yola


Baby gorilla playing with a straw

Yola, the baby gorilla




  1. Gorilla and Sea Eagle – perfect shot! Hey Emu where is your head :)

  2. so beautiful park and so good photos you shared of woodland park.