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Why Thailand Hates Backpackers, or Why I Visited Burma

Posted by on November 9th, 2011 in Asia, Burma, Photos, Thailand | 24 comments

Mae Sai, Thailand Something about this doesn’t just seem right. Here I am in Chiang Mai in Thailand, a supposedly tourist friendly country, jumping in a minivan to do a visa run to Burma, a country ruled by a military junta, which isn’t exactly famed for its tourist friendliness. So why am doing this? It is illegal to bring in or take out of Thailand counterfeit and pirated goods - They do put up some funny signs on the border Thailand got over 15 million visitors last year. That is a lot of people, but still somehow the more I am reading into visas for Thailand the more I get the feeling that Thailand doesn’t actually want backpackers. Let me explain a bit. If you arrive to Thailand by land, you will receive a stamp that allows you to...

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