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Postcard – Temples of Tikal

Posted by on March 22nd, 2013 in Central America, Feature, Guatemala, HDR, Photos, Postcards | 1 comment

It did require catching a bus at 4am, but getting to Tikal before the sunset and, more importantly, before the crowds was worth it. Watching a sun rise from an ancient temple almost all by yourself is an experience worth waking up at 4m. Some of the temples here go back over 2000 years, that is old by any standards. In my opinion, Tikal is the best temple to visit in Central America, way better than Chichen Itza, which I found a bit disappointing, despite it being the famous one. What’s your favorite...

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Admiring Tikal & Flores

Posted by on March 6th, 2011 in Central America, Guatemala, Photos, Tikal & Flores | Comments Off on Admiring Tikal & Flores

[Not a valid template] We could hear them well before we saw them. Howling sound or more like a roar, like a Jaguar might make, well I’m only guessing what a jaguar might sound like. It was the kind of sound, that if you heard it in the middle of the night, you’d walk the other way even if you knew it was just a howler monkey. The day had started early, I woke at 4:15am to catch the bus at half past four. I really should had stayed in Tikal instead of Flores; I could had slept a few extra hours, but it was bit too late for that. Half sleep I made my way downstairs to the bus and then slept the whole two hour bus ride. Arriving to Tikal, it turned out that everybody else on...

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Full moon white water rafting at Lanquin

Posted by on February 27th, 2011 in Central America, Guatemala, Lanquin & Semuc Champey, Photos | 7 comments

Imagine arriving to a remote lodge near the town of Lanquin in the middle of the Guatemalan jungle, last 10km driven on a single lane dirt road, only to find out they are full. But they offer you a shelf to sleep on (not a floor, a shelf), but it’s free. Would you take the offer? [Not a valid template] I’m pretty easy when it comes to sleeping places, so I figured why not (after managing to borrow a sleeping mattress from a fellow traveler). Thankfully thou a bed became available before I had to actually go check out my shelf. But that’s the good thing about Zephyr lodge, they are quite flexible. [Not a valid template] After sleeping well (in an actual bed), we climbed on board a truck the next morning and set off towards Semuc Champey....

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Lake Atitlán, “the most beautiful lake in the world”

Posted by on February 22nd, 2011 in Central America, Guatemala, Lake Atitlán, Photos | Comments Off on Lake Atitlán, “the most beautiful lake in the world”

The night was getting darker as the boat sped along the lake, the moon wasn’t quite up yet. Only visible lights were coming from the villages around the lake, you could barely see the shores. Best you could do was to hope that the captain knew what he was doing. [Not a valid template] We had heard that it would be best to get a boat early, as the lake would get more choppier during the day and the evening. Well, good advice, but doesn’t really help when you arrive around 5pm or so. Some twelve hours earlier I had boarded a bus in San Cristobal by myself. That was the second time on this trip that I’ve gotten on a bus by myself. Before we had arrived to our destination of Panajachel in Guatemala, I had found a...

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