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I’m Sorry Essen, It’s Not You, It’s Me

Posted by on June 30th, 2012 in Europe, Germany | 4 comments

[Not a valid template] I told a German couple I met in London, that I was working in Germany. They were of course very excited and asked where in Germany I was working in. When I told them I was working in Essen, the excitement quickly vanished from their faces and they told me they were sorry. So to back up a little, yes I got back from my Round the World Trip in January, and yes I’ve moved back to my expat life in London, but I’m also currently traveling to Germany every week for few days. Well, I was, but not anymore. Anyways, back to Essen, which even the Germans themselves don’t think is that great. And I can understand why. It does feel like a big suburb sometimes and it does seem to lack character somehow,...

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