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Stirling Castle

Posted by on December 30th, 2010 in Europe, HDR, Photos, Scotland, Stirling | Comments Off on Stirling Castle

Although one might argue that there really isn’t anything more important to see in Scotland than all the distilleries (and I would agree with that argument), we did go see Stirling Castle on our way back towards England last summer. You have to include some history in your tour of Scotland if you spend over a week driving around; well then again the distilleries do have a lot of history, so I wouldn’t hold it against anyone if they focused just on them. [Not a valid template] Stirling Castle is set on top of a steep hill; the placement obviously been given a lot of thought, making the fortress easily defensible. The key location has helped to make it the most important castle in the Scottish history; and with stormy clouds gathering over it, it was an impressive sight....

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