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Tongariro Alpine Crossing, chasing Mt. Doom

Posted by on June 23rd, 2011 in New Zealand, Polynesia | 3 comments

[Not a valid template] Everyone I had met in New Zealand, who had tried to do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in the last thirty days, either had to cancel because of bad weather or had to turn back midway because of sudden change in weather. Usually this time of the year, you need a guide and proper alpine equipment to go to the crossing. But I was in luck as the winter was late this year. [Not a valid template] Even if the winter is late, the weather is still very unpredictable and usually poor this time of the year. I just arrived to Taupo, and my plan was to go to Turangi first and go to the alpine crossing from there. This however was not to be. I went to check the weather forecast for the Tongariro Alpine...

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The geothermal wonderland that is Rotorua

Posted by on June 18th, 2011 in New Zealand, Photos, Polynesia | Comments Off on The geothermal wonderland that is Rotorua

[Not a valid template] That is first thing you notice when you arrive to Rotorua, the smell, but that is why you are here. Well, not for the smell as such, which basically is like rotten eggs. But the smell is caused by the reason you’re here – geothermal activity. Even just walking around the city, you see the geothermal activity everywhere. The parks are full of bubbling mud pools, steaming ponds and boiling water. And the smell, well you get used to it quite quickly. The locals don’t even notice it anymore. [Not a valid template] [Not a valid template] [Not a valid template] On my second day in Rotorua we went for a tour to Wai-o-tapu. We first drove to, what apparently is, worlds second largest mud pool. Biggest being in Yellowstone; damn Americans, always have to...

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Arriving to New Zealand, to Auckland

Posted by on June 14th, 2011 in New Zealand, Photos, Polynesia | 6 comments

[Not a valid template] I caught my 7am flight to Auckland after a few hours of sleep at the Papeete airport and arrived 6 hours later at 11am to Auckland, New Zealand. But to my shock it was the next day, I lost a day. I hadn’t realized I was crossing the date line, new experience for me. But then again, since I started this trip, I usually have no idea what day it is anyway, so shouldn’t really make a difference. I pulled out the immigration form for New Zealand and set to work, but there were a few peculiar questions that caused me some issues. Could had been more to do with the sleep deprivation thou. [Not a valid template] Are you here for the Rugby World Cup? I didn’t know that the World Cup was right...

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