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On St. Patrick’s Day, Everyone in Chicago is Irish and/or Green

Posted by on March 15th, 2015 in Destinations, Feature, North America, Photos, USA | 0 comments

When St. Patrick’s day rolls around in Chicago, everyone turns Irish and/or green including the river.

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Viva San Fermín! Viva Pamplona!

Posted by on July 19th, 2012 in Europe, Spain | 14 comments

The festival of San Fermin was about to start I was drenched in wine, sangria, champagne and beer; I was soaked, all of us were. And the festival in Pamplona had only started an hour earlier. So what the hell is San Fermín about? Just a few hours earlier I had wandered in awe at the streets of Pamplona, looking at all the people wearing clean white clothes. Come to Pamplona during the festival and not dress in white, and you will stand out. Everyone was wearing white with red Plaza de Castillo was still quiet So, if you come to Pamplona for the festival, just get some white clothes; mind you, I don’t recommend getting anything expensive. Or anything you’d like to wear after the festival for that matter. With the white outfit, you should wear a red...

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The “No Meat, No Liquor” Restaurant

Posted by on June 12th, 2012 in England, Europe, Food, London | 10 comments

Welcome to Meat Liquor So, you’re planning on going on a date with a vegan girl you like; she also doesn’t drink at all, so you don’t quite know where to take her. Well, worry not, for I have a restaurant for you! Meat Liquor! No, don’t worry about the name; it’s just deep in irony kind of thing; much like the outside of the restaurant, where you can’t even read the sign of the restaurant properly unless you squint your eyes. If you squint your eyes the sign is easier to read Just have a look at their web site. They say “No Meat. No Liquor”, they also specifically mention that “We are a restaurant” which is always good to know about a place if you are planning on going there to eat. And that is pretty much...

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I Thought I Knew Coffee – Lessons from Knockbox

Posted by on January 28th, 2012 in Asia, Hong Kong, Photos | 15 comments

Knockbox Coffee Company Let me start by saying that I love my coffee and for sure I’ve drank more than my share of it, I am from Finland after all; we drink more coffee per person than anybody else. No seriously, we drink over twice as much coffee as the Italians, which some consider to be quite the coffee country. But as they say about lies, damned lies and statistics; statistic don’t really tell the whole story. Yes quantity-wise we drink the most coffee in the world, but it’s just because we like drinking filtered coffee all the time, no seriously, I could easily have five cups just at work and quite a few more at home. On this around the world trip I have had few times some truly great coffee. I tried weasel coffee in Hanoi Vietnam...

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