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Stupid or Lucky, Making It Through the Bolaven Plateau on a Motorbike

Posted by on October 20th, 2011 in Asia, Laos, Photos | 20 comments

I was despairing, the road was just a mud field with rocks, it was raining and the last 5km had taken me almost two hours. And now I had reached an uphill that my motorbike just couldn’t handle. It was like ice with the mud and the rain, my rear wheel just kept spinning and the bike kept sliding backwards. I hadn’t seen another vehicle for ages; I was out of water and food. And at this rate I wouldn’t make it to the next town before sunset. I couldn’t get any grip on the bike from the road, so I was forced to push it up the hill while revving the engine constantly. It was exhausting and by the time I got to the top I was completely soaked with sweat under my rain coat. I really should...

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Top 7 Tips for Tubing in Vang Vieng

Posted by on September 27th, 2011 in Asia, Laos, Photos | 13 comments

Disclaimer: drinking and tubing in Vang Vieng is a dangerous combination which can result in injury and/or death, and shouldn’t be attempted by anybody – it is awesome fun though! [Not a valid template] Tubing, in case you didn’t know yet, is the act of going down a river on the inner tube of a tractor. Now, I am considered to be something of a pro in the tubing circles, as I have now tubed on two continents. Coming to Vang Vieng after doing tubing in Guatemala (multiple times), I knew what to expect. And I was so wrong. Tubing in Lanquin was a simple thing, you got a tube, you got beers in a sack, you got a tuk-tuk to take you to the start of the river, and then you just enjoy the ride. In Vang Vieng,...

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Nha Trang and How I Remembered That I Love Diving

Posted by on September 8th, 2011 in Asia, Photos, Vietnam | Comments Off on Nha Trang and How I Remembered That I Love Diving

[Not a valid template] I inserted the regulator into my mouth and pulled the mask over eyes. I took a wobbly step towards the edge of the boat. I felt heavy and cumbersome as I looked down and then jumped off from the edge. I felt the cold water rush to surround me as I plunged into it. A few seconds later I resurfaced. So there I was, floating. It was three years since my last dive, so I was taking it easy. We released most of the air from our vests and sunk into the fairly clear water. Some descended more elegantly and me, well, more looking like I was trying to learn to fly underwater. [Not a valid template] [Not a valid template] We found ourselves a little sand patch amidst the corals and settled down. I...

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Going native in Chau Doc, Renting a motorbike

Posted by on August 21st, 2011 in Asia, Photos, Vietnam | Comments Off on Going native in Chau Doc, Renting a motorbike

[Not a valid template] When I looked the traffic originally in Saigon, I thought to myself, that makes absolutely no sense, I would just get killed there if I tried a motorbike. But a few weeks later here we were in Chau Doc, me sitting on a motorbike, tying on a helmet, looking nervously at the chaotic traffic in front of me. Things weren’t exactly helped by the fact that I haven’t been on anything that has two wheels and a motor, for, oh I don’t know how long. And it wasn’t exactly made easier by the discovery that the damn thing had gears. And my sister was sitting at the backseat. Oh well, how hard can it be, right? They managed to made it through whole Vietnam in Top Gear on motorbikes, so I am sure I can...

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Surviving the Death Road in Bolivia

Posted by on April 30th, 2011 in Bolivia, Photos, South America | Comments Off on Surviving the Death Road in Bolivia

[Not a valid template] My eyes linger over the majestic mountains towering over me for maybe a second, before my focus is brought back to the narrow dirt road that is speeding before me, and to the depths that are waiting on my left side should I miss a turn. My hands squeeze the breaks of my bike as I approach a turn, the fear battling against my courage, how fast can I go and still stay in the road. Mind you, the stakes on that battle are quite high, going over the side would in most cases mean certain death. With probably at least ten seconds of airtime, enough to think about what went wrong. [Not a valid template] So yes, this is the Yungas road, or as it is more commonly know, the Death Road of Bolivia....

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