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The “No Meat, No Liquor” Restaurant

Posted by on June 12th, 2012 in England, Europe, Food, London | 10 comments

[Not a valid template] So, you’re planning on going on a date with a vegan girl you like; she also doesn’t drink at all, so you don’t quite know where to take her. Well, worry not, for I have a restaurant for you! Meat Liquor! No, don’t worry about the name; it’s just deep in irony kind of thing; much like the outside of the restaurant, where you can’t even read the sign of the restaurant properly unless you squint your eyes. [Not a valid template] Just have a look at their web site. They say “No Meat. No Liquor”, they also specifically mention that “We are a restaurant” which is always good to know about a place if you are planning on going there to eat. And that is pretty much the only thing they say on their...

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Okonomiyaki, the Japanese pancake

Posted by on May 18th, 2012 in England, Europe, Food, London, Photos | 26 comments

[Not a valid template] I love social food, you know, food that you share with others. I also love food that you can play with; so there is more to it than just moving it from the plate to your mouth with your fork and knife. Okonomiyaki is just the sort of food that fits both these requirements. It’s a sort of Japanese pancake, if pancakes were even more awesome than normally, think bacon and cheese! Abeno in London is the only restaurant outside of Japan where I’ve come across this food, and if you want something a bit different, this is a great option. Well actually they have two restaurants in London, one you can do reservations in, the other not. [Not a valid template] The first thing when you sit down is notice that most of the...

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