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Driving to Arundel – the Sussex road trip

Posted by on March 3rd, 2013 in Destinations, England, Europe, Feature | 1 comment

When you live in London, it’s easy to forget that there is a whole country out there that you can’t reach with the tube. When I start planning for holidays, the first thing I look at is flights out of England, but there is actually more to good old Blightly than just London.

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London Marathon – it’s Total Mayhem out There!

Posted by on April 22nd, 2012 in England, Europe, London | 12 comments

[Not a valid template] I was out of food, there was nothing left. I was starving, but no supplies would make it in today. I was afraid to go out. The streets were blocked, and there were people running and shouting. I couldn’t see it from my windows, but I knew it was total anarchy out there. There would be no cars, no way to get through. Not today! Today was the day of the London Marathon! I wasn’t quite sure if I’d make it out there, but I needed supplies. So we equipped ourselves with my friend, and we checked that the route was clear before we headed out. We only found empty streets outside. Devoid of people and cars. Silence in the absence of vehicles. It was too quiet, it was not right. [Not a valid template]...

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To Pai and Back, the Long Way

Posted by on November 24th, 2011 in Asia, Photos, Thailand | 9 comments

[Not a valid template] If a road trip includes at least one crashed bike, betting on some local fights, face drawn up as a cat with bright red marker and a night spent in a town you don’t even know the name of; then you know it’s been a good road trip. One early morning in Chiang Mai, as the city was still waking up (alright, alright, at 10am, so the town had probably already been wake for about four hours); we walked over to the bike rental shop to get us some motorbikes. Or scooters, as a certain girl was keen to point out to me later; something to do with the size of the engine or something like that. I don’t know, it has two wheels and a motor,  aka. a bike with a motor, a motorbike....

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127 hours – in San Pedro the Atacama

Posted by on May 20th, 2011 in Chile, Photos, South America | Comments Off on 127 hours – in San Pedro the Atacama

[Not a valid template] It was like that movie, 127 hours. I went biking to the desert with some girls. It was great, there was no one else around. We found some interesting mountains we climbed and admired the views. We found some great caverns to explore. But we couldn’t find an underground lake into which to dive, so we decided to head back and I didn’t have to cut off my hand, which was good. The end. [Not a valid template] [Not a valid template] I haven’t seen the actual movie, just the trailer, but at least according to that, I’m pretty sure that’s all that happens in the movie. But it really was a great day out. We rented some mountain bikes from our hostel in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, bought lunch (bread, avocados, tomatoes...

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Surviving the Death Road in Bolivia

Posted by on April 30th, 2011 in Bolivia, Photos, South America | Comments Off on Surviving the Death Road in Bolivia

[Not a valid template] My eyes linger over the majestic mountains towering over me for maybe a second, before my focus is brought back to the narrow dirt road that is speeding before me, and to the depths that are waiting on my left side should I miss a turn. My hands squeeze the breaks of my bike as I approach a turn, the fear battling against my courage, how fast can I go and still stay in the road. Mind you, the stakes on that battle are quite high, going over the side would in most cases mean certain death. With probably at least ten seconds of airtime, enough to think about what went wrong. [Not a valid template] So yes, this is the Yungas road, or as it is more commonly know, the Death Road of Bolivia....

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